Healthcare Industry in Indonesia

This report outlines Indonesia’s healthcare landscape, discussing challenges and government efforts in the Indonesian healthcare market. The 2023 New Health Act targets non-communicable diseases, stunting, maternal mortality, and reliance on overseas treatment by emphasizing digitalization, foreign investment, and healthcare financing.

Market Scanning for New Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture Space

The client, a venture builder from a global leader in agriculture and the fast-food industry, sought to penetrate new markets with a focus on sustainability. The challenge was to identify the opportunities within these emerging verticals and build new ventures out of them, ensuring the exploration was in alignment with their strategic vision and operational strengths.

Expansion Strategy Formulation for a Mobility Unicorn

The client, one of the biggest ride-hailing companies in Southeast Asia, was eyeing expansion into the second and third-tier cities within its core markets. The central challenge was to pinpoint success stories in similar contexts and develop a benchmarking framework that would enable the identification of viable expansion strategies.

Wildfire detection technology expansion to Indonesia

As a leading multinational engineering and technology company, the client aims to expand their successful German-based fire detection sensor technology into the Indonesian market. The core challenge was determining the viability of market entry and identifying strategic entry points. They needed to understand the local need, urgency, and competitive landscape for such technology and assess potential strategies which included forging partnerships, delaying market entry, or considering alternative markets due to varying levels of market need and urgency.

Regulatory Dynamics on the Growth of E-Commerce and MSME in Indonesia

Ravenry and Singapore Global Network (SGN) co-hosted an event on “Regulatory Dynamics on the Growth of E-commerce and MSME in Indonesia”, which has spotlighted the critical intersection of regulatory frameworks and the e-commerce sector’s potential to bolster the Indonesian economy.

Unravelling Logistics in Indonesia

Discover insights into the Indonesian market with our detailed report, “Challenges and Opportunities: Unravelling Logistics in Indonesia.” Whether you’re an established business or a new entrant, this report is an indispensable tool for understanding the complexities and dynamics of Southeast