F&B Industry Overview in Indonesia

This report is co-created by Accelerice and Ravenry using publicly available information as well as data proprietary to the authors. Download our exclusive research on Indonesia’s F&B industry overview. This 39-page report covers key takeaways such as: Indonesia’s F&B industry

How businesses can boost productivity

Business growth is vital in every aspect if a company wishes to drive more sales and rake in higher revenue. One way of achieving that is through enhanced productivity, which is important because of the numerous benefits it brings with

The importance of time management to freelancers

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day, but how they utilize each and every minute is entirely up to them. As such, time management is vital to those who want to get the most out of each

How technology is changing the way that freelancers work

The term ‘freelance’ actually dates back to the early 19th century and referred to independent individuals who would sell their skills to others. While the meaning of the word has not changed much even two centuries later, the ways in

Why hiring a consultant for your business is beneficial

As employers grow their businesses, they may come across some roadblocks that they have difficulty overcoming. This is where a consultant comes in. Consultants are people who excel at a particular field; they hence have the skills and expertise necessary

Why your business needs great writing

The skill of writing is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect in running a business with the importance of captivating content in this modern age. It comes in various forms, spanning across emails, memos, reports, blogs, and many more, all which require

Some problems you may face as a freelancer

Freelancing can be incredibly rewarding and offer great benefits. Such benefits include higher flexibility regarding one’s personal schedule, as well as improved work-life balance. The lifestyle that freelancing promotes can be enticing especially for those who do not wish to

Why should businesses invest in digital freelance work?

Technology has revolutionised the field of freelance work in multitudes since the term was first coined in the early 19th century. With the rise of internet users, freelancing has turned to create many virtual opportunities for people seeking to earn