Why your business needs great writing

The skill of writing is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect in running a business with the importance of captivating content in this modern age. It comes in various forms, spanning across emails, memos, reports, blogs, and many more, all which require

Some problems you may face as a freelancer

Freelancing can be incredibly rewarding and offer great benefits. Such benefits include higher flexibility regarding one’s personal schedule, as well as improved work-life balance. The lifestyle that freelancing promotes can be enticing especially for those who do not wish to

Why should businesses invest in digital freelance work?

Technology has revolutionised the field of freelance work in multitudes since the term was first coined in the early 19th century. With the rise of internet users, freelancing has turned to create many virtual opportunities for people seeking to earn

Problems faced when sourcing for freelancers

As the number of freelancers grows in terms of supply and demand, businesses might start to consider outsourcing some jobs to freelancers if they haven’t already done so. While freelancers can bring about benefits such as a reduction in labour

Common misconceptions about freelancers

The rising trends of the gig economy project an estimated freelancing rate of 42% in America’s workforce by the end of 2021. These numbers come with a sizeable increase in clients looking for specialists to outsource for their projects and

How the pandemic has affected the job market

Since the start of the pandemic, employees and employers alike have observed many changes taking place at their workplaces. Many were forced to work from home to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, while some others saw pay

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