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Unlocking organizations' market potential,
one insight at a time.

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Thought Leadership

Curated industry insights and research that position our clients as industry thought leaders, driving credibility and influence within their target audience.

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Go-to-Market Research

Comprehensive market analysis and strategic recommendations to help clients successfully launch and penetrate new markets, optimize product positioning, and identify target customer segments.

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Competitive Intelligence

In-depth analysis of competitors’ strategies, market positioning, product offerings, and customer insights to empower clients with a competitive edge and drive informed decision-making.

Our Edge

Localized insights and custom solutions that
transforms the way you understand markets.

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Localized Experts

We have an expansive network of vetted researchers & experts with deep domain and local understanding.


We can commence in less than 48 hours from the time you finish your first call with us, and complete a project in as fast as 7 business days.

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Customized Insights

Our research projects are designed to meet your specific needs, delivering personalized insights instead of off-the-shelf information.

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Expansion Strategy for Mobility Unicorn

Learn how we guided a global agriculture and fast-food giant in identifying new verticals by dissecting key market challenges.

Our Impact

Informed decisions, real results

Discover how we’ve empowered our clients to make insightful choices that drive meaningful impact.


Our latest insights at your fingertips

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Indonesia’s Rising Trends, Opportunities & Challenges

A great starting point for anyone looking into growing their business in Indonesia as it covers the country’s latest trends, opportunities and challenges.

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How to Create a Winning Market-Entry Strategy: Do's and Don’ts

Entering new markets can help you unlock a wide range of benefits and allows you to reach a broader customer base, which in turn, can lead to increased revenue, profits, and market position.

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Custom industry report

We conduct deep dive research into the industry of your choice.

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On-demand research

Work with us as your extended research team anytime you want.


Surveys and data collection

Ravenry can help you collect proprietary data from any market in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of using Ravenry Research

We can help with your business research end to end

1. Scope your requirements

We ask you relevant business questions to align objectives and define the research scope, approach and timeline to meet your objectives.

2. Source for relevant people and resources

As required, we tap into our network of local researchers/analysts, writers, and editors and distribute the work accordingly.

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3. Conduct the research

We conduct research according to the scope, revise and iterate as required. We also like to work together with you during this stage to allow you to provide timely feedback.

4. Editorial & design

When required, we ensure the report is well designed and edited for publication.

Use cases

We support clients on a broad range of research projects

Custom industry report

We create bespoke research reports based on our client’s specific needs.

Go-to-market strategy

Looking to enter a new market? Work with us to assess market size, attractiveness, and viability.

Trend analysis

Understand key market drivers and underlying consumer behaviours that affect your business.

Competitor analysis

Identify and analyze your competitors, their product and strategies.

Due diligence analysis

We help clients conduct fact check and validate their understanding of a business before they make investment decisions.

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Case studies

The impact we've made for our clients

Helping a Telco Giant Pitch a $80 million Project Within 48 hours

Read how Ravenry helped the client to understand the submarine cable and data centre industries in Southeast Asia.

Building the Largest Safety Tech Startup Database in the World

Learn how Ravenry consolidated a list of more than 400 safety technology providers.

Ravenry Collaborations

Collaborations With Leading Brands

We collaborate with a number of top tier companies on imagining the future of work, have a look.

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