Wildfire detection technology expansion to Indonesia

Client’s Problem

As a leading multinational engineering and technology company, the client aims to expand their successful German-based fire detection sensor technology into the Indonesian market. The core challenge was determining the viability of market entry and identifying strategic entry points. They needed to understand the local need, urgency, and competitive landscape for such technology and assess potential strategies which included forging partnerships, delaying market entry, or considering alternative markets due to varying levels of market need and urgency.

Our Solution

Ravenry’s approach began with a market overview, segmenting the fire detection industry into ten potential sectors. We conducted in-depth interviews with the client’s internal teams and identified three prioritized segments using Ravenry’s proprietary framework. To further tailor our strategy to the unique Indonesian context, we analyzed various factors including the prevalence of land and forest fires, local wildfire management mandates, and the technological readiness of the segments.

Our LAPD (Learn, Align, Prioritize, Deep dive) framework steered our efforts, starting from a broad assessment of the Indonesian market conditions for fire detection to facilitating stakeholder discussions for knowledge transfer on forest fire management. We fine-tuned our focus through a personalized framework to shortlist potential industries, prioritizing based on the intersection of client’s capabilities and market needs.

Client Impact

The project resulted in a report detailing the structure of the Indonesian fire detection industry, market analysis, and deep dives into the three shortlisted buyer industries. Our research illuminated the client’s potential in the Indonesian market, guiding their decision-making with data-driven insights on market need, size, competition, and urgency. The strategic partnership and implementation suggestions provided a clear direction for market entry, accounting for the technological, environmental, and regulatory nuances of the Indonesian landscape.

Project Duration and Deliverable




Buying Segment Identified

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