Market Scanning for New Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture Space

Client’s Problem

The client, a venture builder from a global leader in agriculture and the fast-food industry, sought to penetrate new markets with a focus on sustainability. The challenge was to identify the opportunities within these emerging verticals and build new ventures out of them, ensuring the exploration was in alignment with their strategic vision and operational strengths.

Our Solution

Ravenry took charge of this exploration through a tailored three-phase approach. Initially, we dove into extensive secondary research, identifying potential opportunity spaces within the sustainable agricultural sector. Collaboratively with the client, we refined these opportunities, applying a custom framework to define clear problem statements. In the subsequent phase, we honed in on these problems, scrutinizing the vertical markets and their inherent challenges. The final deep dive focused on pinpointing the target customers, understanding their core issues, and evaluating the potential for a sustainable venture in this domain.

Client Impact

The research journey is packaged in a research report and presentation that mapped out the fertile grounds for sustainable ventures. Under each of the identified verticals, our team prioritized the top 3 problem statements, providing the client a clear path to innovate in the sustainable agriculture space, with an emphasis on ventures that were not only viable but also value-adding in the context of their long-term strategic objectives.

Project Duration and Deliverable




Verticals Identified

8 out of 26

Problem Statements Selected

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