Helping a telco giant pitch a $80 million project within 48 hours

About the client

Our client is a global communications company that originated from Japan. The company employs more than 40,000 people around the world and is involved in communications, data, and security industries.


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Southeast Asia

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Key challenge

Pitching for a multi-million dollar project

Our client works in the business planning team and oversees the study of new projects and initiatives within the company. He was putting together a business plan for an $80 million submarine cable project for Southeast Asia and requires additional research to corroborate his pitch.


As a lean unit, the business planning team manages the business planning process end-to-end, from data collection through secondary research to crafting analysis and recommendations. His team needed to understand the landscape of the data centre and submarine cable industries in Southeast Asia to bolster his proposal and justify the need for a new submarine cable provider in the region.


However, it was challenging to obtain the relevant data about this industry in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the region is highly fragmented with data recorded in multiple sources and languages making the information even more inaccessible.


Pitching for a multi-million dollar project

Given our client’s highly time-sensitive request, they leverage Ravenry to generate customised desk research to understand the submarine cable and data centre industries in the region. By using its network of analysts across Southeast Asia, Ravenry was able to scale up a multilingual research team quickly. With access to various public and private databases in the region, the analysts were able to generate relevant input to generate a customised industry report quickly. With our proprietary technology and framework, Ravenry turned around the information within 48 hours at a fraction of the cost of its more traditional competitors.


Launching fast at a fraction of the cost

Our client was able to incorporate Ravenry’s findings about the industry into their business plan. The information helped the team justify the project value and the $80 million Orient Link project was announced in October 2019.


Ravenry has been able to provide a highly competitive service, saving the company to the tune of $80,000 in research outsourcing fees. The research was turned around within 48 hours, helping our client’s team act swiftly and decisively. Our client further discovered that the preliminary secondary research conducted by Ravenry was in line with the data collected through a more expensive primary research service that was commissioned on a later date.

$80 million

Project Value


Saved in research cost

48 hours

Research timeline

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