Building a B2B SaaS startup in Indonesia with Irzan Raditya (

In this episode, Irzan Raditya talks about how he’s built into a leading B2B SaaS Startup in Indonesia. He talks about the importance of being laser focused on your vision, why he favors collaboration over competition in a market that relies on personal relationship, and why he thinks distribution trumps product market fit.

Growth strategies in Asia with David Fallarme (HubSpot)

In this episode, David Fallarme talks about how he’s built HubSpot’s marketing strategy for a fragmented market such as Asia. He also talks about why it is important to put customer first, his view on personal branding, and the strategies and tools he uses for his personal growth.

Finding growth using adjacency strategy with Junwen Lee (CardUp)

In this episode, Junwen talks about how to use adjacency strategy as a way to find new growth opportunities. He also talks about the importance of using context to position your products, coupling early adopter engagement with referral strategy, and leveraging corporate partners to open up new channels.

Early stage growth hacks with Hsu Ken Ooi (Iterative)

In this episode, Hsu Ken Ooi of Iterative VC talks about the early growth strategies of his first two startups Weave and Hsu Ken also talks about why it is important to invest in one’s self, how to look at psychology for growth hack inspirations, and why you need to fall in love with the problem instead of the solution.