5 in-demand areas of work to leverage your business in the pandemic

The pandemic has brought great distress to employees, putting many at risk of losing their jobs. In an article published by the United Nations, it is expected that by the year 2022, over 200 million people worldwide would be facing unemployment. However, some have also taken this outbreak as an opportunity to make a breakthrough in their careers.

What areas of work are most popular in the pandemic, and how do they help companies soar to a higher level? Listed below are five pivotal services to look out for if you wish to gain an edge over your competitors in the business. 


Research and Analytics

According to an article by Mckinsey, these capabilities are said to offer between $9.5 trillion to $15.4 trillion in annual economic value. The figures tell a lot about the supply of professionals in the field as the demand and investment in their specialty are high. These people are the ones who have a specialised skill in collating, organising and comparing data. By doing so, they are amplifying the voice of customers to contribute in making the best market decisions.

So why exactly are researchers and analysts tied with such a high economic value, especially in the pandemic? For one, COVID-19 has caused many businesses to  shift online, meaning focus is additionally placed on running operations from digital platforms. In an article by Global Workplace Analytics, it is said that 56% of workers from the United States hold a job that is compatible with remote work. The importance of research in businesses has been heightened further with the number of competitors that have established their presence online, causing a need to plan ahead with adequate research data.


Content Writing

According to a survey done by HubSpot, 70% of marketers invest heavily in content marketing, while 24% of marketers plan to increase their investment in the field in 2021. The number shows the significance of content writers in an age where quality content is the driving force behind great advertising and marketing.

As the ones behind a company’s blogs, white papers, news articles, and many more, a content writer is often a master of different writing styles. Great ones know exactly how to drive their writings in each specific direction, adding value to the information conveyed. Coming up with content for print media, online media, and many more, content writers serve an important role in being creative to drive the most effective messages.


Web Development

Technology has become a necessity in our lives, where even schools are educating students on code and data with up-and-coming development softwares. A blog by CoderZ covers information on tech giants such as Google and Microsoft investing in softwares for coding, catered to kids’ education. This, combined with the rise of the internet and its users, calls for some heavy focus on web development for businesses. 

With skilled web developers in fixing up a credible website, this allows for businesses to gain competitive advantage and grow exponentially, especially through the digital state of the pandemic. In addition, statistics have gathered that e-retail spending in the United States is expected to amass to $638 billion by 2022, a feat that would be unattainable without the knowledge and skills that web developers bring. 


Digital Marketing

Products don’t just sell themselves. Marketing specialists go far beyond just promoting and closing sales. In recent years, traditional marketing has been replaced by something more cost-effective and flexible – Digital Marketing. The main goal of it is to grow the presence of brands online, and it is an especially important aspect of running an online business. In fact, it was expected back in 2020 for businesses to spend a whopping $110 billion on digital advertising.

As the go-to for brand enhancement responsibilities, these marketers reach out to audiences in this digital era of around 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. Their goal is to target the right people with the use of various techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Digital Marketers also keep their eyes open to the the behaviours of consumers, aiming for an appropriate retargeting segment.


Web Design

Though interchangeable in a discussion about web development, this brings a different meaning to the table. Web Design looks towards the visuals of a website and focuses on user functionality, ensuring the best experience for users when they access it. The goal is to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing layout that best represents a company’s vision or mission with the help of design principles.

As the first thing that potential clients or customers see, a website has to look credible. The average user requires just a mere 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. In fact, it is reported that 75% of users base a web’s credibility off their designs before proceeding, showing the importance of proper web design in bringing about better traction. This goes the same for any aspect of mobile-friendly websites as well, where internet users are spending an average of 155 minutes per day on their mobile devices. 

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