Ravenry offers flexible pricing plans for all your research needs.



$300 /month

Your dedicated portal to research anytime you need.

4 basic reports included
2 revisions
Up to 96 hours turnaround
Run multiple projects
Additional hours at $30 per hour

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$600 /month

For those who need more research at a fast turnaround time.

8 basic reports included
2 revisions
Up to 48 hours turnaround
Run multiple projects
Additional hours at $30 per hour

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a basic research report?

A basic research report contains insights and findings that we have customised based on your needs. Our team invests around 3 – 6 hours on each of these reports and leverage various proprietary and public data. All monthly plans include several free basic research reports so you can get started on using Ravenry.

All of our basic research reports are heavily discounted and will be donated to Ravenry’s library to enrich our knowledge base after a period of time.

What kinds of research can Ravenry do?

Our clients have found various unique use cases for Ravenry from generating information for pitch deck and business plans to creating a list of leads for sales purposes.

While Ravenry is like your personal research assistant who can answer any of your business questions, some of our most popular research questions include:

  • Generating a list of companies in X industry (for sales or competitive analysis purposes)
  • Analysing the size of a particular market or industry
  • Compiling statistics or data points about specific industries or countries
  • Generating case studies or best practices in specific industries
  • Understanding the trends in a particular market or customer segment
How long will each research take?

Each research report will take anywhere between 48 to 96 hours to complete depending on your plan.

We are currently working hard to provide you with express service as well! Stay tuned.

How in-depth is your research?

The depth of your research depends on the availability of data and the amount of time you allocate to us to do the research.

On average, we strive to provide concise answers in 2 – 3 pages. However, we are also able to deliver long-form reports with thousands of data points. Some of our clients have even used Ravenry to generate a full scale white paper research.

How do you ensure quality of your research?

Our team of analysts is vetted carefully and are highly trained. We also have a strict Quality Assurance process to ensure data accuracy for all of our research reports.

Additionally, we offer free revisions for clients who are unhappy with their research reports.

Where do you find your data?

We mostly use open source data and information to generate our research. We have a library of proprietary data, but does not guarantee we have everything you are looking for.

Given our global network of analysts, we can access data and information in various languages too. They are also trained in creating estimations, projections, and using various consulting analysis frameworks.

In situations where the research or information you requested are not available, we will provide detailed descriptions of the methodology we used and the sources we have explored. This way you save time by not having to look in the same places we did.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

We offer money-back guarantee for all first-time clients on our monthly plans. We will provide a full refund if you are dissatisfied with your first report within the first 14 days of signing up. Simply email us at and we will process your refund.

Who are your researchers?

All of our researchers have gone through a rigorous training and onboarding process. The profiles of our researchers range from university students, academic researchers, journalists, to industry experts.

Our vision at Ravenry is to create a rewarding knowledge work platform for people who are interested in projects that require creative problem solving skills. The future of work requires human to elevate our capabilities from task-based roles into knowledge-based and creative roles. Ravenry hopes to work with as many people as possible to ensure they are ready for that future.

Is my research report private to me?

All of your research reports are private only to you.

We do offer significant discounts to clients that opt to donate their reports to Ravenry’s library to help us expand our knowledge base. We will never share any of your personal information and details even if you donate your research reports to us.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes. You can cancel all your monthly plans anytime you want. Additionally, you will still have access to our platform until the end of your billing cycle.

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