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Edtech In Indonesia: Opportunities for Skill Education Courses

The educated populace is recognised to be something that can improve the social and economic level in the area. Education in Indonesia has also received more attention in recent four years with government spending has grown at an annualised rate of 6.8% reaching USD 35 billion in 2019. With a total of 52 million students in 12 years education range, the government placed the education development as their first priority on the state budget to prepare the human resource to face the industrial 4.0 and digital economy for the next five years. In this article, we will see the opportunities presented for Edtech in Indonesia.

Are Cryptocurrencies Gaining Traction Among Institutional Investors?

While cryptocurrencies have been relatively popular among fringe and retail investors, they have not gained significant foothold amongst institutional investors. The institutional segment has long been seen as the highway to widespread adoption. It was thought that the evolution of utility and security tokens, stablecoins, ICOs, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications, which would appeal to the needs of institutional investors, would accelerate the adoption rate among them. A study estimated that institutional firms controlled only 7% of the global digital asset market with the remainder dominated by retail investors. This article discusses the challenges and opportunities facing this new phenomenon of cryptocurrencies.

SaaS Wave in Indonesia

This report discusses SaaS, also known as Software-as-a-Service, a software delivery model that relies on internet connection to utilize the products. SaaS businesses have been growing rapidly in Indonesia in the past few years specifically in the fintech, healthcare, retail, logistics, and education industries. According to a research by Boston Consulting Group, the market size of Indonesia SaaS business expected to grow from estimated US$ 100 million in 2018 to 31.9% in the following five years to reach US$ 400 million in 2023. This represents the large market potential of SaaS business in Indonesia, which will be discussed in detail in this report.

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