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Commonly Asked Questions

Ravenry only works with freelancers with proven track record and work experience unlike many open freelance marketplaces. Additionally, Ravenry matches your projects with the most relevant freelancers within 24 hours. 

Our clients do not have to spend hours browsing through and reviewing hundreds of candidates, and can instead get started on their work much more quickly.

Our freelancers are experts in their fields. Additionally, most of our freelancers have been freelancing for a long time, so they understand what makes a great experience for clients. All of our freelancers have also gone through a rigorous onboarding process when they joined Ravenry to ensure that they know how to work with our clients effectively.

Ravenry only works with skilled and experienced freelancers. Our freelancers are experts in research, writing (content and copywriting), design and other professional service roles such as consulting and advisory.

You can work with our freelancers on an hourly basis, project basis or even put them under retainer if you need them for a long term project.

We work with companies from a broad range of industries from technology, research, consulting to consumer goods and telecommunications. Our clients typically come from marketing, consulting, strategy, investment, and research functions.

All of our freelancers can speak and write in English. While we have a global freelancer network, most of our freelancers are concentrated in Asia Pacific and have the ability to speak and write in their local languages.

How It Works

We vet all the freelancers on our network so you can be rest assured of the quality and credibility of our freelancers. We also help you shortlist the best candidates for your projects so you don’t have to waste your time recruiting.

Signing up for an account is free and instant. Once you have submitted your project, you will receive a shortlist of freelancers in 24 hours.

This depends on your project and requirements. A piece of work that takes around 5-8 hours can be turned around within 24 – 48 hours.

As a client, you have the rights to all the work produced by our freelancers.

Prior to starting a project, our freelancers will typically offer a finite number of revisions as part of the engagement. If you are still dissatisfied with the quality of work, you can also reach out to Ravenry’s Care Team, and we will review your project based on our Dispute Resolution process.

Pricing & Payment

It is completely FREE to start a project and to receive recommendations from our team. You will only be charged once you have agreed on a project scope and budget with our freelancers.

This depends on your project requirements and the seniority of the freelancers you are working with. You may reach out to our team with your project and freelancer requirements via and we can advise you on our freelancers’ typical hourly rates.

We accept credit card payments upfront and only release the payments to our freelancers once you are happy with their work. We offer corporate payment options if you are working on larger projects with more complex payment structure.

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