Covid-19 Recovery Research

Covid-19 Recovery Research

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Report Specification

Ravenry provides impact analysis of COVID-19 on various industries and strategies taken by key players within the industries in coping and adapting to the changes. Simply choose an industry and a country – we’ll take care of the rest!

Summary of the research

This research will have 3 main concerns:

  1. Estimated growth of the industry post COVID-19
  2. Impact on the key players in the industry and how they react
  3. Key articles and news to understand what has happened to the industry of specific country
Sample use cases
  • Competitor analysis
  • Go-to-market analysis
Research output
  • 3-slides industry snapshots
  • The analysis include impacts on industry growth and brief competitor analysis
  • Open-source data
  • Government databases
  • Industry association reports
  • Financial reports
  • Private databases – Ravenry may have access to select database but cannot the report will consists of paid sources.
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Research Cost

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Hours turnaround time

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