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Ravenry curates a network of pre-vetted expert freelancers who have worked with global companies. Save your time and effort by working with our freelancers and still get the quality you are after.
Ravenry’s seamless hiring experience connects you to high quality freelancers from all over the world. Our team handpicks the most suitable talents for your project in 24 hours and allows you to vet their profiles easily. We release payments securely to our freelancers only after you are satisfied with their work, making sure you get the quality output you need.

Recruitment speed

Recruitment cost


Hiring process

Candidate quality


Ravenry Freelancers

Hire in 24 hours


Pay per project

Candidates are pre-screened and are recommended based on your specific project needs

Specialised experts in their domains

Project basis, with long term engagement options

Full Time Employees

Hire in 1.5 months

Recruiter fee

(10%-20% of candidate annual salary)

Fixed salary, onboarding costs, and benefits even when you only need the talent for one project

Multiple screening and interview process that takes up significant  time and effort

Quality of candidates is not guaranteed

Long term commitment under full time employment

Trusted by businesses worldwide

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