Helping a Digital Entertainment Giant Grow in Southeast Asia

Helping a Digital Entertainment Giant Grow in Southeast Asia

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About the client

Our client is one of the leading companies in the electronics and entertainment industry globally. The company produces a broad range of home entertainment products.



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Electronics and Entertainment

Electronics and Entertainment

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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

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Key Challenge

Identifying the next growth category in Southeast Asia

Though the client had established a strong presence in Southeast Asia, it was exploring new entertainment sub-sectors within the region for growth opportunities such as mobile gaming and e-sports industries. As part of its go-to-market planning, the client needed to collect a broad range of consumer and industry datasets from multiple countries in the region.

This proved to be a challenging feat as Southeast Asia is highly fragmented and information is often presented in local languages. Many of the industries the client was interested in were rather nascent as well, making information rather scarce. As a result, the client required a highly diversified group of analysts with strong local knowledge to be able to generate meaningful insights for their go-to-market strategy.


Customised research in 48 hours

The client approached Ravenry in October 2019 and leveraged our self-service platform to generate highly customised research reports in as short as 48 hours. The client was able to pinpoint specific datasets that are relevant to their project and leveraged Ravenry to obtain those information quickly.

In the span of five months, the client was able to generate highly contextualised insights from countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand to corroborate their market understanding of the region. With Ravenry’s strong network of analysts in Southeast Asia, the client was able to generate highly localised insights and tap onto datasets in multiple languages simultaneously.

The client managed to build a comprehensive view of the industry in the region through Ravenry. During this period, the client managed to collect data on market sizes of niche industries, key local competitors, and even unique consumer behaviour data across multiple Southeast Asian countries.

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Moving fast with a lean team

With Ravenry’s speed, the client managed to get a clear understanding of the entertainment industry in the Southeast Asia market in close to real time. The client saved an estimated 40% in research costs during this period, and avoided the need to have a dedicated in-house team to conduct the research. The client successfully developed a strong business plan for a new idea in Asia.

We think analysts need to be as curious as we are about our projects, and Ravenry’s team is
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~ Director of New Product Development, Global Digital Entertainment Company

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