Commercialising Patented Technologies Across Southeast Asia

Commercialising Patented Technologies Across Southeast Asia

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About the client

Our client has been at the forefront of the consumer electronics industry globally. Founded in Japan in 1918, the company has grown to provide products that help various aspects of people’s lives from industrial devices to home electronics and automotives.



Client headquarter

Consumer Electronic

Consumer Electronic

Client industry

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Research Region

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Key Challenge

Leveraging unique patents for innovative applications

As a consumer electronics company, our client strives to produce cutting edge technology to help improve the lives of people around the world. Research and development activities are key to the company’s ability to design new innovative solutions for its customers. As the company develops newer and newer technologies, it continues to explore potential ways to apply them across various markets globally.

Prior to leveraging Ravenry, our client relied on an internal team to conduct market research and validation activities. Due to the volume of patents they owned, validating their use cases in different markets and countries becomes rather time-consuming. Additionally, the need for specialists to understand unique markets in a fragmented region such as Southeast Asia makes the process even more challenging.


Using Ravenry to craft and validate innovation hypothesis

Given their unique needs, Ravenry proposed highly customised research services for this project. The client provided Ravenry basic information on two key patents it would like to commercialise. With this information, Ravenry divided the research approach into three separate stages: use case and industry identification, market growth analysis, and deep issue analysis.

In the first stage, Ravenry identified relevant industries and use cases for their patents. This is done by conducting research on similar technologies that have found commercial applications globally.

Based on the initial list of industries generated in the first stage, Ravenry qualified the growth potential of these industries by analysing the market size and growth trends of these industries in Southeast Asia. By leveraging our network of analysts in the region, Ravenry was able to collect highly localised data points in various languages within one week. This helped our client determine the biggest growth industries for their patents.

In the final stage, Ravenry conducted an in-depth analysis to surface deep issues faced by these industries. By understanding these deep issues, our client can pinpoint how they can use their patented technologies to solve these problems effectively.

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Launching insightful research within a tight timeframe

At the end of the project, the client was able to identify key use cases for their patented technologies and industries with the highest growth potential across Southeast Asia. The research provided by Ravenry helped corroborate their innovation roadmap and plans for the region. Additionally, with Ravenry’s speed of research, our client was able to execute on their projects within a tight timeframe.


Number of analysts deployed for the project


Saved in research cost


Faster than other research firms

Ravenry designed a robust research framework that is perfect for our needs. We had to a
tight timeframe for the project, but Ravenry was able to execute on the project quickly while
exceeding our quality expectations.

~ Innovation Manager, Global Consumer Electronics Company

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