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What is Ravenry?

Ravenry wants to make research easy and accessible to everyone. We work with the best talent to generate the most relevant insights for our clients in the shortest amount of time.

Speed and quality

Speed and quality

Unlike other research services, we deliver only what our client needs. No noise, no frills within 48 hours.

Global capabilities

Global capabilities

Our network of people spans the globe and we welcome people with unique skills and capabilities.



We let our people work anytime, anywhere. We do expect high quality work delivered on time.

What we look for in our analysts

We work with the most dedicated team of analysts from all around the world.

Great writers

Our analysts are excellent English language writers and can communicate their ideas concisely and clearly.

Problem solvers

Our analysts have a strong common sense, are logical, and are great with numbers. They also need a spark of creativity in their work.


Our analysts are meticulous and discerning in their work. They understand client needs and deliver their exact requirements.

Responsible and disciplined

Our analysts are responsible for the quality of their work and the timeliness of their deliveries.

Projects you will be working on

Complete trend research, competitor landscape analysis all the way to market sizing and forecasting.

Travel behaviour of Singaporeans (spending, main activities)

A travel start-up was designing new marketing campaigns targeting Singaporeans, and would like to understand how Singaporeans spend their time and money while overseas.

Singaporean travel behaviour in Hongkong

As part of a larger marketing campaign, client wanted to understand what attract Singaporeans to Hongkong. Ravenry provided insights on key drivers for travel to Hongkong.

How do Thai people use blenders?

A consumer goods manufacturer was designing a Thailand go-to-market strategy for their range of blender products. Ravenry helped the client understand common ways in which blenders are being used by a typical Thai person.

A list of telco packages and pricing in Indonesia

A consulting client was assessing the different business models leveraged by Indonesian telecommunication providers to design new monetisation strategy for their client. Ravenry helped the client identify, categorise, and analyse the different pricing and monetisation structure of Indonesian telcos.

Digital banking initiatives in Indonesian banks

A consulting client was managing a digital transformation project for a banking client. Ravenry provided competitor research and analysis to help determine key areas banking competitors were focusing on in their digital transformation journey.

Top tourist destinations in Medan

A creative agency was creating a marketing campaign for a regional airlines highlighting their flight routes to Indonesia. This research helped the client identify key local attractions for video shoots in Medan, Indonesia.

Market size of trabeculectomy in China

A medtech startup was designing a new technology to improve glaucoma surgery effectiveness and was exploring the frequency of glaucoma surgeries in China as a potential expansion market.

Market size of fintech industry in Singapore

A fintech startup was interested in understanding the attractiveness of Singapore as a market. As part of the broader research, Ravenry estimated the overall market size to help the client determine its growth potential in Singapore.

Size of dairy industry in Indonesia

A consulting firm was assessing the attractiveness of the dairy industry in Indonesia for their client’s expansion strategy. They used Ravenry to quickly identify key statistics about the industry.

How to become an analyst

We only accept top talents from our application pool. As part of the Ravenry network, we offer access to exciting projects with global companies, learning opportunities, and a network of talented professionals.

Send in your CV

Send in your CV

Send in your resume and fill in a simple form to let us know your interest and capabilities.

Complete your assessment

Complete your assessment

We put you through a rigorous assessment to ensure you can deliver the best work to our clients.

Onboard and start earning

Onboard and start earning

If your application is accepted, you will go through our onboarding process and you can start taking projects.

Hear from our ravens

We work with graduates, academics, research professionals and industry experts.

Because Ravenry’s clients request for research on a variety of industries, I’ve been able to expand and diversify my knowledge.

Kalla S.
Kalla S.

As a full time employee in another company, working on reports for the Ravenry has been a cherry on top. Absolutely an enjoyable experience thus far!

Zefanya W.
Zefanya W.

One of the things I love about Ravenry is it helps me to go out of my comfort zones. Working for Ravenry allows me to explore various fields and expands my learning radius.

Clark G.
Clark G.

Ravenry sharpens my analytical skills and widens my perspective about market trends and technologies in general.

Firas P.
Firas P.

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